The Coolness Factor & How It’s a Formula For Failure
July 4, 2017

The Cool Factor

In your attempt to be likeable and impress others you will end up losing yourself. You’ll stop paying attention to your likes and interests and instead do the things you believe will attract people to you.

Those things include buying designer clothes, luxury cars, watches, and numerous other things with little value outside of their dollar amount. Like many others in our society, you’ll fall for the belief that your value is in this stuff.

Rather than being you, you attempt to be what is considered cool. This coolness you’re chasing will drive you into debt and eventually, cost you friends who weren’t friends of yours in the first place. In actuality, they were friends with who they thought you were.

Choose Authenticity

I had a close friend tell me once, “Marc, you are unapologetically you, and I love you for it!” But, I wasn’t always this way.

Just like everyone else I fell into the trap of buying the newest car I couldn’t afford. I would often spend hundreds of dollars on clothes to fool people I barely knew into believing I was successful. Instead of working to really be successful.

It wasn’t until I lost these things that I became aware of who I am. An intellectual type who loves to watch documentaries, write & read books, give public talks, and inspire others.

At the end of the day, my realization was, “me” is all I needed to be. I just had to be good enough for myself.


Today the people in my life are a reflection of who I truly am. All the others who liked me for who I was pretending to be have fallen by the wayside never to return.

My challenge today for you is to let go of the idea of doing what has been deemed cool or attractive by others. Instead, do what is fresh and fun to you. Learn to validate your own beliefs and ideas rather than seeking that validation in the eyes of others.

Be your authentic self regardless of what others might think. As a result, watch how both the people in your life and your circumstances change right before your eyes. Stay blessed. Stay authentic. Stay cool.


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