Happen To Life, Don’t Let Life Happen To You
January 26, 2017

Do you know people who always seem to be in trouble but when you ask them about it, it’s never their fault? They always have a story about someone doing them wrong, but they’re never the problem?

These are the type of individuals who are allowing life to happen to them rather than happening to life. I think it’s important to mention, this occurs to many of us throughout life. I can’t put myself on some sort of pedestal, I use to be one of these people too.

The reason I didn’t get the promotion was because the boss didn’t like me. Instead of realizing maybe I didn’t actually earn it. I use to justify broken relationships by claiming that the other person was crazy. Instead of admitting my faults, I made others the cause of the problem.

Don’t Be An Outward Focused Individual

By making these kind of excuses and justifications for our lack of success we are being outward focused. By that I mean, we blame people and things outside of our own control. I cannot control the actions, behaviors, or attitudes of anyone other than myself. So, to place blame on someone as the result of my own shortcoming, gives away my power to affect situations in my life.

If I really wanted the promotion I would have come into work earlier and left later. If I wanted my relationship to work I must become more considerate, thoughtful, and compassionate toward my friend or partner.

We have to take a personal responsibility for ourselves and go the extra mile for what we want in life. On the road to average there is always traffic, but the extra mile is never crowded. 


There are two types of people in the world. Those that make excuses beyond their own control, allowing life to happen to them. Then again, there is those who take personal responsibility for their problems and make the appropriate adjustment, then happen to life.

Your life is your life. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Do not go another day, hour, or minute thinking that someone else has control over you. Go the extra mile in all areas of your life and see where it takes you.

In the end, Its important to be proactive and don’t allow life to happen to you, Happen to life!

Are there any situations in your life that didn’t quite go your way? What could you have done differently in that situation? Comment below.

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