Its OK To Make Mistakes, But Its Not OK To Repeat Them
January 26, 2017

“A mistake or failure is not a bad thing if you can learn from it.”

Einstein believed insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”¬†You may know one or a few people like this. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them insane. They’re just highly inefficient people who are unknowingly taking part in the latest internet craze, “The Mannequin Challenge”.

How you ask? Without being completely aware of it, they are stuck in a rut and going nowhere fast.

Any individual who is consistently making the same mistakes obviously isn’t learning anything or they could be suffering from one of the following symptoms.

1. A Lack of Passion

Lets face it, some people are un-innitiated. Meaning, they may not have found their passion quite yet. This causes them to throw their life into what is exciting for the moment.

And, Constant excitement can be drawn from always doing the wrong thing. Remember, many people operate from a plane of negativity. As a result, making the smart decision could be the most boring option.

When you’re passionate about something you’re not willing to waste time with unproductive activities and relationships that are not moving you closer to your end goal.

2. Fear of The Unknown

Making the right decision after experiencing a mistake may cause you to question your will. Maybe you’ve outgrown your position at work and they refuse to give you a raise or promotion. A high value person moves on and finds work elsewhere.

Someone who lacks confidence may question their abilities and believe they have a low chance to find a better or higher paying job. The same can be said for someone in a bad relationship.

The fear of not being able to find another job or the fear of being alone and without relationship can keep a person in a situation where they are not being valued. That’s one huge continuous mistake on their part.

Learn From The Mistakes of Others

There is a zen proverb that reads, “It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from the mistakes of others.”

As students, heart surgeons perform an operation in front of an audience of their peers. And, its been found, 90% of the students pass the operational procedure after witnessing a student make a mistake.

Why does this occur? After witnessing the error, the other students make a conscious decision not to do the same thing. If they do not take heed to the mistake, they will receive the same result as the student they watched make the error. A big fat F for failure.


Do not fear mistakes. But, make a conscious effort to learn something from it. My personal belief is you should risk making a mistake every single day! Its how we progress and find what works. Think, Thomas Edison and the lightbulb.

Success is inevitable for any person who willingly excepts mistakes and failures as an important part of life. But the real important part is, do not get stuck in the same rut of failures. You have too much life to live and too little time to experience it.

Be willing to fail and make mistakes, readjust, and try again. In doing so, you’ll learn that failure and success go hand and hand. If you can learn from it, a failure is not a failure, its a lesson.

Even more important, pay close attention to the mistakes and failures of those who came before you. If you can avoid a mistake, by all means avoid it. You won’t regret it.

“Don’t ask for things to be easier, ask to be better.”

Tell us about a mistake you’ve experienced and what did you learn from it? Leave a comment below.

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