When You’re Unhealthy, So Is Your Life
January 18, 2017

Unhealthy People Lead Unhealthy Lives

What are some things that we commonly attribute to people who are unhealthy? We can start with laziness, low self esteem, and a lack of discipline. But, have we ever thought about unhappy?

Let Me Tell You About Suzanne

For as long as I’ve known Suzanne she’s been overweight. From her childhood into adulthood.

Now in her mid-20’s, Suzanne’s life is mirroring her health. She moves from one bad relationship to the next. Unfortunately, dating men who either don’t value her or have nothing going for themselves.

Suzanne’s career isn’t the most upwardly mobile either. She typically works at low paying jobs with little to no opportunity for advancement. Even when she has been given a better opportunity she turns it down.

As a result of her current predicament, Suzanne suffers from stress induced mental health issues.

All in all, Suzanne is unhappy. Suzanne’s unhappiness with herself may have started with her health, but now has spread into other areas of  her life.

People With Value Vs. People Without

In life we don’t get what we deserve, we get what we believe we deserve. Most importantly, what we believe is determined by how we value ourselves. A person who knows their value will tell you how to treat them and won’t accept anything less.

When we don’t value ourselves we look elsewhere for it. We look to sugary foods, television, and bad relationships. All sensory things that ignite our endorphins and bring us joy for a short period of time.

But, when we have value, when we believe in ourselves and our future, we are less willing to fall prey to sensory, short term pleasures. We no longer look elsewhere because we get the value we need from ourselves first.

You Are Valuable

Believe it or not your life has value. There is something that would be missing from the world if you were not here.

In our society we place too much emphasis on looks and according to Forbes, your salary depends on your weight.

I refuse to be one of those motivational gurus who tells you the outside doesn’t matter when it does! It matters to you and the evidence proves it matters to others.

In the case of Suzanne, her problem is how she views herself. When Suzanne looks in the mirror she may see an overweight girl. To her and our society this signifies how unhealthy she is.

Based on societal standards it also tells Suzanne she is a person of low quality and value. Even though that couldn’t be further from the truth, her current life is playing out that belief.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your World

Nothing in life changes unless we do and our health plays an important role in that process.

In order to change the way we view ourselves we have change our mindsets and develop better relationships with ourselves.

So, if we want to truly get healthy, lets start with loving ourselves first. That’s where real value comes from.

How have you overcome negative mindsets and feelings in the past? Comment your thoughts.


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