You’re Dream Is Dead, You Just Haven’t Realized It Yet!
June 13, 2017

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” -Norman Cousins

Dawn of The Dead

Have you ever seen the 2004 reboot version of “Dawn of the Dead”? In case you haven’t (and because I was going to tell you this even if you had), there is a character named Andre who ends up in an interesting predicament.

Andre’s pregnant wife, Luda, has been wounded by a zombie bite. Which means she’s infected and inevitably, she too will turn into a zombie eventually. The rest of the group doesn’t know about her wound yet and Andre and Luda are able to keep it a secret by separating themselves from the others once they’re in the mall.

Here is where things get interesting. Even though Andre knows Luda is going to turn into a zombie, he chooses not to kill her. Instead, he ties her to a bed and allows her to give birth to their first child.

A few scenes later, another character (Norma) finds Andre and sees him clutching what looks to be a bundle of blankets and a zombified Luda tied to a bed. Norma shoots Zombie-Luda in the head which sends Andre into a crazed frenzy. Then, in a blaze of gunfire, Norma and Andre end up killing one another.

A short period of time later, a character named Ana stumbles upon the scene. She opens the bundle of blankets to reveal a zombie baby. Ana then shoots the zombie baby.

You’re Dreams Are Already Dead

I know what you’re thinking! “Marc, what the hell does that have to do with my dreams?” It’s simple.

In the movie, Andre’s dream is to have a family. Prior to the zombie apocalypse, he probably had a dream of owning a middle-class home with a white picket fence in a good neighborhood with his wife and kid. You know, the good old American dream.

The moment his wife was wounded by a Zombie the dream was over. There’s no cure for the disease, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Problem is, no one could tell Andre that. Regardless of what anyone else thought, Andre was going to continue to live happily with his zombified wife. Even though she was tied to a bed.

Andre’s dream was dead, literally! Due to the fact that although zombies appear to be alive in one way, they’re actually lifeless creatures with only one agenda on their mind. Which is to eat brains. At no point was his wife ever going to be the woman he married.

In addition to that, when the baby was born it was infected just like its mother. Andre, apparently, couldn’t see that because he was blinded by the fact that having a child with the woman he loves was a part of everything he’s ever wanted in life.

Why Your Dreams Are Dead

Now I don’t know what your dream is but in order to realize most, if not all,  dreams you must put two things into them. Those two things are Time & Money.

Snoop Dogg said it himself, “You have to pay the cost to be the boss!” The problem is most people throw away both their time and money on things that bring them instant gratification.

Most of you are more interested in having the latest iPhone, wearing trendy and expensive designer clothing, and going out partying several times a week. Although these things are fun and immediately gratifying, they get you no closer to living out the dream you have in your head.

Let’s face it, living your dreams is equivalent to being at the bottom of Mount Everest. For most people, just the appearance of Mount Everest is enough to say, “Forget this, I’m going home.” Because you look up at its peak and realize just how long and difficult a trek up the mountainside it’s going to be. From the bottom, climbing Everest could look like an impossible task, just like accomplishing that dream you have.

Living your dreams is a Mount Everest sized task and depending on what your dream is, it could be even bigger. That’s why it takes a deliberate allocation of both your time and money to make it happen.

And, if you’re squandering those two things your dream is as good as dead.

The Problem

Instead of putting in the time to hit the gym and making sure your body is in peak physical condition. Instead of learning the best techniques to make sure your trek is successful. Instead of researching and purchasing the most reliable camping equipment available in order to scale the mountain…

You’re watching “The Walking Dead” and saying to yourself, “I’ll get back to climbing that mountain tomorrow.” But tomorrow isn’t promised, my friend. The time is now!

I once heard a motivational speaker say, “There is no place where you will find more unfulfilled dreams than in the cemetery.” I believe otherwise. There is one other place you’ll find them. That place is in the hearts of men and women all over the world. They may appear to be alive and well on the outside but they’ve really stopped living a long time ago.

This is why they say most people die at 25 but aren’t buried until 75. They’re not just watching “The Walking Dead”, they are the walking dead.

The only possible upside to this entire ordeal is the fact that when you’re dream dies, you don’t. What does die with it though is your creativity, world-changing ideas, and innovative capabilities. I don’t know how much better that makes you compared to a brain dead zombie.

I don’t know how much better that makes you compared to a brain dead zombie.

The Cure

Unlike with zombies, there is a way to resurrect your dreams. It starts with understanding just how costly your dreams are. The simple fact is, it takes a lot.  You will need to use your life force (time) and your resources (money, contacts, etc) to make them a reality.

So don’t squander them on meaningless things that bring you happiness only for the moment. Instead, put them toward something that will leave a lasting impression on the world.

You will make plenty of mistakes, you will fail multiple times, and you’ll even have to tweak your dream a bit along the way. But if you keep trekking up that mountainside one day and one step at a time, without a doubt, you will reach the top.

Keep the dream alive.


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